How to spec a Jaguar I-Pace

Our guide to Jaguar's electric SUV covers which version to buy, which options to choose and how much to pay for it all...

How to spec a Jaguar I-Pace

Until recently, Jaguar had as much experience of building electric cars as it did breeding cattle, but thankfully its first effort, the Jaguar I-Pace SUV, proved to be among the best in its class, earning five stars on our road test. There’s no need to look past entry-level S trim when buying, because this has most of your equipment needs covered, but here’s how to add some extra luxury without blowing your budget.

Jaguar I-Pace metallic paint

Metallic paint (£700)

We consistently recommend going for metallic paint, because it adds value to your car and helps you to stand out from the crowd. Upgrading to one of the seven metallic options (from the standard black or white) only costs £700. You can spend more for a premium paint, but we wouldn’t.

Jaguar Drive Assist

Drive Assist Pack (£2300)

Although spending £2300 on a single options pack sounds expensive, Jaguar’s Drive Assist Pack bundles in a lot of extra tech that will make driving easier and safer. There’s adaptive cruise control with steering assistance, blindspot monitoring and a high-speed emergency braking system.