Hyundai Veloster convertible unveiled

* Hyundai Veloster convertible concept car * Makes debut at 2012 LA Auto Show * No plans for production at the moment...

Hyundai Veloster convertible unveiled

A Hyundai Veloster Convertible concept car has been unveiled at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

The Veloster C3 Roll Top has a folding canvas roof that can be retracted towards either the front or the rear of the car. The C3 (which stands for Convertible three-door) retains the Veloster's set-up of two doors on the passenger side and one on the drivers side, but comes with a redesigned roof and boot.

If the roof is folded towards the front of car, Hyundai says the car goes into 'recreation mode' and is perfect for carrying bikes or surfboards. The roof can also be folded towards the back of the car in a more conventional manner.

The hatchback boot has been replaced by a pick-up truck-style tailgate, which folds down to create a more accessible boot space.

The Veloster C3 Roll Top's roof in 'recreation mode'

Hyundai has used recycled skateboards to line the boot floor, while an industrial truck tarpaulin is used for the roof.

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The Veloster C3 Roll Top has a pick-up truck-style tailgate

The Veloster C3 Roll Top concept car is powered by a 198bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. The car is strictly a design project, with no plans for a production version.

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By Tom Webster