2023 Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster and Grenadier Hydrogen revealed

New Ineos Quartermaster pick-up combines off-road ability with lots of cargo space, while Grenadier Hydrogen demonstrates a zero emission future. Here's everything you need to know...

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On sale Now | Price from £66,215 (Quartermaster)

If there was ever an example of striking while the iron’s hot, the Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster pick-up and Ineos Grenadier Hydrogen Demonstrator would definitely be among the best. You see, both come hot on the heels of the Ineos Grenadier large SUV, the brand’s first model that was launched less than six months ago. 

The first of the new models, the Quartermaster, is a double-cab pick-up truck that’s based on the standard Grenadier large SUV but aimed at those wanting to combine off-roading ability with the ability to lug around plenty of cargo. To that end, the Quartermaster is 305mm longer, and has a load bay that matches the length of the double-cab Ford Ranger XL’s (1564mm) but is much wider (1619mm vs 1584mm), easily fitting a standard-sized pallet. 

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As well as being large, the bed gives you four tie-down rings, a 400W power take-off connection that allows you to connect mechanical ancillaries like a dump truck bed, an integrated mounted bar and comes with the option of adding utility rails for around £370. Maximum towing capacity remains at 3,500kg, the same as the Isuzu D-Max, but maximum payload still can’t match the D-Max’s one tonne plus limit, despite being increased to 760kg for the diesel and 835kg for the petrol. 

Speaking of which, the Quartermaster comes with the same BMW-sourced 3.0-litre turbocharged straight six engines and eight-speed automatic gearbox that you’ll find in the Grenadier. As with its sibling, the petrol offers 282bhp and sprints from 0-62mph in 8.8sec, while the diesel has 246bhp and covers the same sprint in 9.8sec. 

New Ineos Quartermaster front

In fact, outside of the additional length and the new load bay, nearly everything else remains the same as the standard car, including the front and rear suspension, brakes, ground clearance and even the trim levels. We’re yet to drive the Quartermaster, but you can read what we thought of the Grenadier in our full review

Prices for the Quartermaster pick-up start at £66,215 (compared with £55,030 for the Grenadier Utility Wagon), while opting for one of the plusher Belstaf Editions will set you back at least £73,715. 

New Ineos Grenadier Hydrogen demonstrator front 3/4

Alongside its new production model, Ineos has also unveiled its new Hydrogen-powered Grenadier demonstrator. Identical to the Grenadier in every way, this demonstrator gets its power from the same BMW hydrogen fuel cell technology that we recently tried in the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype

No official performance figures have been released just yet, but Ineos claims that the new engine doesn’t just produce zero emissions but it also boosts the Grenadier’s abilities, both on- and off-road, thanks to better torque vectoring through its individual electric motors on each rear wheel. The result is a tighter turning circle, a weakness of the standard car, as well as better traction and manoeuvrability when off-roading.

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