Is diesel best for my 100-mile commute?

Is diesel best for my 100-mile commute?

Q: I am getting conflicting advice about whether to buy a petrol or diesel car. I commute 100 miles five times a week. Is there a huge difference as to which would be better?
Basia Porecka

A: Driving 100 miles five times every week means you tot up around 26,000 miles a year. For this sort of mileage, we'd recommend a diesel.

The potential savings you'll make from better fuel economy will outweigh the likely higher purchase cost.

For example, Ford lists average fuel consumption figures of 45.6mpg for its 1.4-litre petrol Fiesta, and 62.8mpg for the similarly sized diesel version. The diesel would also save you money on car tax - its low carbon dioxide output puts it in VED band B (35 a year).

So, it's certainly a better-value ownership prospect. However, you'll need to hang on to the diesel for a while to recoup the extra money you spend in the first place.