Jaguar 'could build' an SUV

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Jaguar 'could build' an SUV

Jaguar could build an SUV to attract younger car buyers and more women into the brand.

Jaguar is in a strong position to expand with strong financial backing from parent company TATA, according to new Global Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark.

Mr Hallmark's boss and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Ralf Speth, has said that there are no plans to get Jaguar Land Rover involved in a 'global volume race' preferring to describe their brands as in 'a nice niche'. However, Mr Hallmark has confirmed that Jaguar needs to expand, with an SUV one of the possibilities.

He said: 'We need to attract more female and younger buyers to the brand, and we know female buyers are not so keen on big, low saloons and that they like cars in which they sit up high'.

Mr Hallmark describes the Infiniti FX as a car he likes because it 'makes a strong style statement' and said that any SUV could share technology with Land Rover, while clearly being a distinct product with Jaguar DNA.

Before any Jaguar SUV hits the market, we're likely to see a smaller Jaguar sports car sitting below the XK, while the award-winning XF model will get a face-lift and a smaller diesel engine in early 2012.

Jaguar is also said to be working on an estate version of the XF, to rival the likes of Audi's A6 and BMW's 5 Series Touring, while a long-wheelbase XF and smaller petrol engines are likely to be developed with a firm eye towards the rapidly growing Chinese car market.