Jaguar's bomb-proof build quality

* Armoured XJ Sentinel launched * TNT and ballistic protection * 500kg payload useful for shopping...

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What Car? Staff
18 August 2010

Jaguar's bomb-proof build quality

Jaguar has launched an armoured version of its XJ luxury car.

The XJ Sentinel offers ballistic protection up to B7 level click here to see what that means in terms of weaponry it can resist and blast protection against 15kg of TNT detonated at close range. There is also 'substantial under-floor grenade protection'.

The Sentinel will be launched at the Moscow motor show next week, and comes with a three-year, 50,000-mile warranty and the backing of specialist technicians.

Jaguar's managing director, Mike O'Driscoll, said: 'The XJ Sentinel incorporates the very latest armoured vehicle solutions to deliver extremely impressive levels of protection, while maintaining a discreet appearance.'

Despite the extra weight of the armour, the Sentinel still has a payload of 500kg, enough for four passengers and their 'additional security equipment'.

Power comes from the standard 380bhp 5.0-litre V8 although, since the Sentinel is twice the weight of a regular XJ at 3,300kg, performance is affected. The 0-62mph time falls from 5.4 to 9.7 seconds, while top speed drops from 155 to 121mph. Fuel consumption is not listed.

Jaguar hasn't quoted a starting price because every car is bespoke to the customer's requirements, but we would expect it to cost 100,000 at the very least.