Kahn Vesuvius Edition review

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Will Nightingale
17 November 2011

Kahn Vesuvius Edition review

What is it? If you think a Range Rover Sport is a bit too understated, then the Vesuvius is for you.

Created by Kahn Design a rapidly expanding design house based in Bradford its an off-the-shelf and even more in-your-face take on Range Rovers mid-sized model.

Customers inevitably include Premiership footballers, but a starting price of less than 70,000 (15,000 more than the standard car) means you won't need a 100,000-a-week salary to afford one.

For your money you get heavily revised styling that includes a new front spoiler, a boot spoiler, orange racing stripes and monstrous 22-inch black alloys. A wide-arch kit is available for an extra 4000.

What's it like to drive? Unsurprisingly, the Vesuvius is much like a regular Range Rover Sport to drive, which means it's competent rather than brilliant on the road.

It's a big car, so isn't ideal for negotiating narrow city streets, but the king-of-the road driving position gives a great view of the street ahead.

The only real difference is the ride. Our test car was fitted with lowered suspension and huge wheels to give it a squatter, sleeker appearance. Inevitably, then, it didn't soak up bumps as well as a regular Sport. However, you can opt for standard suspension if you want a bit more comfort.

We suspect the Vesuvius won't be as capable off-road as a standard Sport, either, because of its low-profile tyres and lowered suspension.

The 3.0-litre V6 diesel version is the more sensible choice, but a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 petrol is also available.

What's it like inside? Kahn has given the Sports interior a thorough reworking. The seats, parts of the dashboard and door panels have all been wrapped in quilted and perforated leather. The faces of the dials and clocks are painted orange, while the centre console and door inserts are finished in carbonfibre.

Kahn has also fitted its own steering wheel. It's seriously meaty, but slots nicely into your hands, and because the top and bottom are orange you never forget you're driving something a bit out of the ordinary.

Should I buy one? Logic says stick with a standard Range Rover Sport. However, the customers that the Vesuvius is aimed at won't want to take the sensible option. They'll want something different that really stands out from the crowd. The Kahn certainly does that.

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