Kia puts technology before personalisation

* Kia rules out car personalisation * Says it would add too much time to the delivery process * Aims to add more technology to its range instead...

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Tom Webster
10 October 2013

Kia puts technology before personalisation

Kia has ruled out following the likes of Mini, Fiat and Vauxhall in offering a wide customisation program for its cars, saying that it would add too much time to its delivery process.

Kia's commercial director, Yaser Shabsogh, said: 'We've been debating whether customers want to customise their cars and wait for them [to be made].'

However, he reckoned that the brand is not currently losing out to the likes of Mini and Fiat, as he said: 'We track lost sales, but we have never had an issue because people have said: "We wanted to do X, Y and Z and we couldn't do it."'

Instead, the company intends to keep things easy to understand, saying there is more to be gained for Kia and its customers by keeping the range simple.

'The acceptance of the customer to wait up to two to three months for a car they have specified in the £21,000 to £22,000 bracket is very low,' added a Kia spokesman.

However the level of technology in the otherwise simple Kia range is likely to rise, with Shabsogh saying he is keen to see the company's connected car features that are showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come to the UK.

'I would say more technology definitely, and you will see that over time. Already if you look at the technology available in the Ceed it is much better than the last generation and you constantly see more tech in our models,' he said.