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While SUV sales have grown rapidly in recent years, this has come at the expense of more traditional markets such as the estate. So, at first glance, Kia’s decision to offer two estate versions of its latest Ceed family hatch looks like the equivalent of buying a fleet of ice cream vans just as winter sets in.

There’s method to the apparent madness, though, because the two cars share most of their parts, yet are likely to appeal to very different buyers.

On the one hand there’s the Proceed, which sacrifices some practicality for slinky, coupe-like looks. And then there’s this Ceed Sportswagon, the more functional and traditional of the pair, and the one that faces much greater competition.

Not only does it go head to head with the i30 Tourer, from sister brand Hyundai, but estate versions of almost every family car on sale, including the fine handling Ford Focus, classy Volkswagen Golf and simply massive Skoda Octavia.

So, has the Ceed Sportswagon got what it takes to stand out? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this review. Or to see what discounts are currently available, check out our New Car Buying pages here.

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