Lexus LF-LC

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Lexus LF-LC

The Lexus LF-LC is designed to show us how the next generation of the Japanese brand's cars could look. It's a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive coupe with a hybrid powertrain and that's the limit of the technical information issued by Lexus.

Could it be a model in its own right? It's considered unlikely, although the LF-LC's profile could influence a new generation of folding hard-tops. A more probable development is that elements of the LF-LC's styling in particular the dramatic front end, complete with deep air scoops under each headlight will appear on mainstream Lexus saloons.

Lexus USA, which oversaw the design of the LF-LC at its Californian studio, says the cues will appear on new models 'over the next two years'. We can but hope that the final production cars will retain a decent chunk of the concept car's flair.

Lexus has long been a conservative brand when it comes to styling, but there's enough to like here for it to potentially stand out from increasingly generic German rivals.