London Congestion Charge zone review

* London Mayor announces review * Kensington and Chelsea zone could be scrapped * It cost 96 million to set up 18 months ago...

London Congestion Charge zone review
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Jim Holder
3 Jul 2008 09:08

New London Mayor Boris Johnson could scrap the extended Congestion Charge zone in Kensington and Chelsea.

Public reaction to the zone, which only came into effect 18 months ago at a cost of 96 million, will be gauged in a consultation beginning in September.

Johnson says he would prefer to encourage more people to walk or take their bicycles, and says that the congestion charge zone could be dismantled by the end of the year.

Johnsons announcement has been attacked by the Green Party, with representative Jenny Jones claiming that the zone has been successful in reducing traffic, reducing pollution and encouraging people to switch to public transport and cycling.