MG 4 XPower long term test: report 4

The MG 4 offers great value in cheaper guises, but this XPower version promises to add hot hatch fun to the mix. We're living with one to see if it delivers...

MG 4 and solar panels

The car MG 4 XPower | Run by Claire Evans, consumer editor

Why it's here To find out what it’s like to live with a fast and practical pure electric car that costs less than many petrol or diesel-engined rivals 

Needs to Be a comfortable, frugal and easy-to-charge commuter car Monday to Friday, and something to raise a smile and enjoy driving at the weekend

Mileage 6345 List price £36,495 Target Price £36,134 Price as tested £37,295 Official range 239 miles Test range 175 miles Options Racing Green paint (£800)

21 March 2024 – Green machine

I spotted a field with a small array of solar panels while visiting a local stately home recently, and couldn’t resist parking my ‘green’ MG 4 XPower up next to it. The panels were collecting power for a visitor centre and a couple of EV chargers, so I made use of the latter to get some green energy for the MG4 while I was there. 

It reminded me that the MG4 is helping me to green up my life. The most significant change is no longer using petrol or diesel, so I’m not pumping CO2 into the atmosphere as I drive. 

MG 4 at Gridserve

Driving the MG is also good for my bank balance, too. When I charge at home on my EV overnight tariff of 9p per kWh, it costs £5.29 for a full charge, so every mile I drive costs just 3p. In contrast, a 1.0-litre Ford Focus petrol model would cost around 12p per mile.

And that benefit is gained by all MG4 buyers, not just those who opt for the XPower, which is a halo model for the range. Most buyers will go for the entry-level 125kW version, like the orange car on display at my local Gridserve station, which can be had for a little over £26,000. That's one reason why we crowned it our Small electric car of the Year for 2024

So, although it’s great to be driving the XPower, it’s also good to know that more affordable versions are available, too, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of going green. 

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