More details on Vauxhall Meriva Concept

* Meriva Concept to be shown at Geneva * Car has rear-hinged rear doors * Shows design direction of Vauxhall MPVs...

More details on Vauxhall Meriva Concept

Vauxhall has released more details about its Meriva Concept, a car that includes rear-hinged rear doors.

The car will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month, and has 'FlexDoors' - a rear-door system that Vauxhall claims is more flexible and user-friendly than conventional doors.

These can open to a 90-degree angle, which allows a wider aperture than standard rear doors.

They also open independently of the front doors - the Mazda RX-8 Coupe also has rear-hinged rear doors, but the front ones must be opened before the rear ones can.

There are a number of advantages to the FlexDoors system. First, says Vauxhall, is the way they allow greater control over children getting out of the car, because they can be seen better from the different seat positions.

Second, Vauxhall claims that children are also better protected when outside the car, because of the 'safety zone' between the front and rear doors when they are open.

However, to protect children further, sensors in the doors are coupled to the anti-lock braking system to ensure that the doors cannot be opened unless the car is at a complete halt.

Lastly, getting out of the car via rear-hinged doors feels much more natural and looks more elegant, according to Vauxhall.

The Meriva Concept's high roofline also makes getting in and out easier, particularly for adults putting children into the car or taking them out.

In fact, the high, arched roof, distinctive window line and wide track show how future MPVs from Vauxhall may look.

The Geneva motor show runs from March 6-16.