More luxury DS models planned

* Stylish, luxurious hatchback priced from 18,500 * On sale autumn * **MPG** 44.0-67.0 (est) **CO2** 110-150g/km (est)...

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03 May 2011

More luxury DS models planned

Citroen won't stop at two models for its DS division.

The DS5 was only unveiled at the Shanghai motor show last month.

The car goes into production later this year and will be almost entirely unchanged from the show car.

The chrome detailing that runs up the front wing and A-pillar, which Citroen calls sabres, will remain, although the surface patterning will be lost.

The watch-strap style treatment for the leather seats will also be available although, again, the embossing won't feature.

There's good legroom in the back, as well as a decent amount of boot space and a trio of sunroofs.

Both the two up front and the rear roof glazing can be opened independently and further add to the quirky, complicated and distinctive look and feel of the car.

The DS5 range will also include the Hybrid4 diesel hybrid powertrain that makes its debut in the Peugeot 3008 later this year.

The hybrid arrangement uses the combustion engine to power the front wheels and the electric motor for the rears. As well as limited electric-only range, the system can operate the two motors in tandem to make the DS5 a four-wheel drive performer with 200bhp and emissions of just 99g/km.

Besides the hybrid system, the DS5 will be available with a range of conventional petrol and diesel engines

The company is also working on a small car, DS2.

The DS2 is likely to be shorter than the DS3, but will be based on the same small-car platform. Its unconventional looks encompass a huge swirl down each side that envelops the windows and sweeps down to the sills, while the rear evokes memories of Chrysler's PT Cruiser.