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Most and least reliable older luxury cars

There are plenty of luxurious cars that are available for bargain prices if you buy used, but which are the most – and least – dependable?...

The most reliable luxury cars aged six to 20 years oldImage 1 of 19

The best luxury cars are like designer handbags: beautifully made using the finest materials, with svelte, classic styling. However, they tend to lose their value faster than less exotic models, so you can save money by buying secondhand. That's all well and good if you pick a dependable model, but if you choose one that's prone to problems with its many gadgets and gizmos, it could be very expensive to live with. 

The good news is that the What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy, can help you pick a model that won't break the bank. The latest survey contains data from nearly 25,000 car owners across the UK revealing the dependability of 248 models and 32 brands.

Here, we're looking exclusively at the results for the best seven used luxury cars aged between six and 20 years old and the two you may want to avoid. We've rated each one according to the seriousness of the faults that it's suffered, how long it spent in the garage and how much it cost to be repaired.

The 2023 What Car? Reliability Survey is open for you to tell us about your car >>