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Most and least reliable used cars: family SUVs

We name the most dependable – and most troublesome – used cars aged from six to 20 years old, based on owners’ experiences...

Kia Sportage

The most reliable family SUVs

1. Kia Sportage diesel (2016-2021)

Reliability rating 98.1%

A mix of minor and major faults affected 17% of current diesel Sportages. The two most common issues were with the bodywork and suspension, with a small percentage of reports of steering-related problems. Kia’s seven-year warranty meant all cars were fixed for free, and 75% were sorted out in a day or less.

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2. BMW X1 (2015-2022)

Reliability rating 94.7%


Only 15% of X1s had any troubles, and all cars could still be driven. All issues were resolved in less than a week and, best of all, even though the cars in our survey are out of the manufacturer warranty period, all remedial work was done at no expense to owners.

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3. Mercedes GLA (2014-2020)

Reliability rating 94.1%

Used Mercedes GLA front

The previous-generation GLA is ageing well: trouble was reported with only 17% of cars. Problem areas included the brakes, engine and interior trim. Two thirds of cars could still be driven and were fixed in less than a week, but the rest took more than a week to put right. Mercedes covered the cost of 67% of repair bills for faulty cars, and those who had to pay didn't have to find more than £500 to get things sorted.

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The least reliable family SUVs

3. Dacia Duster (2013-2018)

Reliability rating 68.2%

Dacia Duster

The Duster isn't proving robust as it ages. Owners told us 45% of their cars had a glitch, with the bodywork, brakes, engine and electrics the biggest headaches. Although 85% of cars could still be driven, only 23% were fixed in a day or less. While some were repaired in less than a week, 46% spent more than a week in the workshop. Dacia covered the cost of 8% of repairs, and 30% of owners paid out between £501 and £1500 to get their cars fixed. 

2. Nissan Qashqai petrol (2007-2013)

Reliability rating 64.4%

Nissan Qashqai front cornering - 63-plate car

Although petrol Qashqais suffered fewer faults than diesel models, their issues were more expensive and time-consuming to fix. Twenty-eight percent of petrol Qashqais went wrong, compared with 50% of diesels. The problem areas included the brakes, engine, electrics and suspension. Owners told us 56% of diesels were fixed in a day or less, but that drops to 38% for petrol models, and 39% of petrol models were in the garage for more than a week. While most petrol Qashqai repair bills were less than £500, 8% of owners paid out up to £1000. Most diesel repairs were less than £300 and 6% of owners had to find up to £1000. 

1. Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019)

Reliability rating 56.2%

Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019) front three quarters

With a 40% fault rate and problems in every category, owners of previous-generation Evoques can expect to be on first-name terms with repairers. The most frequently cited problem areas were the air-con, battery, bodywork, electrics, exhaust and gearbox/clutch. Forty-four percent of faulty cars were out of action for more than a week, and the only good news is that 34% of work was done for free and most repair bills were less than £500. An unlucky 8% of owners had to pay out more than £1500.

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Reliability of family SUVs aged six to 20 years old