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Most and least reliable used cars: MPVs

We name the most dependable – and most troublesome – used cars aged from six to 20 years old, based on owners’ experiences...

Used Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012-present

The most reliable MPVs

1. Mercedes B-Class diesel (2012-2019)

Reliability rating 98.3%

Issues with engine electrics were the only complaint from B-Class owners, who told us only 12% of their cars had suffered a fault in the previous 24 months. It's fair to assume all problems were minor because all cars could still be driven and half were back on the road in a day or less and the rest were fixed in less than a week. Best of all, Mercedes covered the cost of all remedial work, so no owners were left with any nasty unexpected repair bills. 

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2. Kia Venga (2010-2019)

Reliability rating 95.8%

2015 Kia Venga - prices, engines, specs

Although 25% of Venga owners told us their car had gone wrong, most of the issues related to minor areas: 19% were issues with the bodywork and 6% were with non-engine electrical systems. All cars remained driveable and 75% of issues were resolved in a day or less; the rest were sorted in less than a week. Kia covered the cost of 50% of bills and none of the rest topped £50, so repair costs were minimal. 

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3. Vauxhall Zafira Tourer (2013-2018)

Reliability rating 86.4%

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

The Zafira Tourer may be third here, but that isn’t saying much. Owners said 29% of cars went wrong; the battery, exhaust and non-engine electrics were the most commonly cited issues. Almost all cars could still be driven and two thirds were fixed in less than a day, but 13% spent more than a week in the garage. Although 13% of work was done for free, 50% of repairs cost up to £200 and 13% cost more than £1500. 

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Least reliable MPVs

3. Volkswagen Touran (2003-2015)

Reliability rating 68.7%

Deal of the day: Volkswagen Touran

Nearly a third (29%) of Tourans had a problem, with owners citing the battery, brakes and gearbox/clutch as the most common causes of discontent. Virtually all cars could still be driven, but a third spent more than a week in the garage. No work was done for free and repair bills ranged from less than £50 to more than £1500.

2. Vauxhall Zafira (2005-2016)

Reliability rating 58.7%

Used cars of the week: 6k Vauxhall Zafiras

Zafira owners told us 35% of their cars had suffered faults spanning a wide range of areas. Twenty percent of cars couldn’t be driven and more than a third took up to a week to repair. While most bills were between £51 and £500, around 20% of owners paid out between £751 and £1500 or more. 

1. Ford Galaxy diesel (2006-2015)

Reliability rating 33.1%

Used Ford Galaxy MPV 06 -15

A worrying 80% of the Galaxys reported on had gone wrong in the previous 24 months, with the main areas of concern being the battery, brakes, electrics, engine exhaust, fuel system and gearbox/clutch.

Nearly 40% of faulty cars couldn't be driven and 37% took more than a week to fix. Most bills were less than £500, but 16% of owners were charged more than £1500 to get their cars put right.

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Reliability of MPVs aged six to 20 years old

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