New Audi A6 vs used Jaguar XJ: which is best?

An ultra-efficient new Audi A6 is a fine luxury car, but could a used Jaguar XJ with nicer driving dynamics be a better choice for the same money?...

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New Audi A6 vs used Jaguar XJ – alternatives

The BMW 5 Series is our reigning luxury car champion; nothing else in the class manages to beat its overall breadth of abilities. Yes, it doesn’t drive as well as the Jaguar XF, but it’s not far off and has a far better 2.0-litre diesel engine, a plusher interior and a world-class infotainment system.

New Audi A6 vs used Jaguar XJ: which is best?

Speaking of gold-standard cars, the Mercedes S-Class has no equal in the luxury car class. It features all the latest safety and comfort technology to make every trip a breeze, and it equals or betters cars that cost twice as much again for refinement, which is why you see so many of them running around the posher parts of London.

New Audi A6 vs used Jaguar XJ – which is best?

You could make a solid case for either winning overall. If you must have all the latest technology and won’t consider a car that you can’t completely integrate your phone with, the Audi A6 is really your only choice. You could probably move house in one because of its greater practicality, too.

New Audi A6 vs used Jaguar XJ: which is best?

But you’d probably want to live in the Jaguar XJ because it has all the luxury appointments of an expensive hotel suite. It probably has a much nicer sound system, too. If it were a year or two older, then we’d give it to the A6, but because it’s only a matter of months and, therefore, has the majority of the manufacturer’s warranty left on it, we’d say it’ll be worth it going for a six month old XJ over a brand new A6, particularly when they cost similar money.  

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