New Audi E-tron vs Jaguar I-Pace

Competition in the electric car market is hotting up with the arrival of Audi’s E-tron luxury SUV. Let’s see if it’s good enough to beat our current favourite, the Jaguar I-Pace...

Audi E-tron interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

If you like to sit quite far from the road, it’s worth noting that the E-tron has an appreciably higher driving position. That said, you still feel like you’re in a genuine SUV from behind the wheel of the I-Pace, looking down on the Volkswagen Tiguan drivers of this world.

Given the I-Pace’s sportier nature, it’s perhaps no surprise that its driver’s seat holds you in place more securely through corners, but it’s also incredibly comfortable on longer journeys. Mind you, the E-tron’s seat is equally comfy on straight roads, and both driver’s seats have fully electric adjustment.

Jaguar I-Pace interior

In other respects, both driving positions are excellent, and although the E-tron’s boxier shape means it’s physically easier to see out of, both cars have all-round parking sensors and a reversing camera to help you negotiate tight spots. If you want more help, you can pay extra for a 360deg bird’s eye view camera.

Another optional (but very futuristic) feature on the E-tron is its virtual door mirrors. These replace the conventional mirrors with cameras mounted on the doors, their images being displayed on small screens next to the interior door handles. The trouble is, the screens are positioned a little lower than is ideal, and the feature costs a hefty £1875, because you’re forced to add various other options, including blindspot monitoring.

Audi is well known for its classy, minimalist interiors, and there’s no doubt the E-tron has the edge over its British rival for quality; in fact, we’d go so far as to say the E-tron has the finest interior of any EV we’ve ever tested. But the I-Pace is still suitably plush inside and everything feels really well screwed together, so the difference isn’t as big as you might imagine, given Jaguar’s questionable record for interior quality over the years.

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