New BMW 330e vs new Volvo S60: interior

By paying extra to get yourself a plug-in hybrid executive saloon, you stand to receive incredible fuel economy and cheaper BIK tax. Surely there’s a catch?...

BMW 3 Series interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

These two have among the best driving positions in the executive saloon class, albeit for slightly different reasons. You sit lower in the 330e, so you immediately feel like you’re behind the wheel of something with a sporty flavour, and a heavily bolstered seat that holds you in place securely through corners only adds to that impression. However, you have to adjust the seat the old-fashioned way (using bicep power) and must pay extra if you want adjustable lumbar support.

Volvo S60 interior

Electric front seats and adjustable lumbar support are standard on the S60, and those seats are even more comfortable than the 330e’s on long drives – especially when the road is mostly straight. You sit higher up, which is good news for forward visibility. However, your over-the-shoulder view is actually slightly better in the 330e. Both cars come with front and rear parking sensors to help you out when manoeuvring in tight spots, and the 330e also has a rear-view camera. 

Interior quality is a close-run thing, but the S60 just has the edge, with fewer hard plastics, particularly in the gear selector area. Indeed, it has one of the most upmarket interiors in the class, pipped only by the Audi A4 (which isn’t available as a plug-in hybrid).

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