New crackdown on uninsured drivers

* Automatic 100 fines for not renewing * Uninsured cars can be seized and scrapped * New offence and powers arrive in the spring...

New crackdown on uninsured drivers

A new crackdown on uninsured drivers has been announced by the Government.

From this spring, the registered keeper of a car stands to receive an automatic 100 for failing to renew its insurance in time.

A new offence needs to be created to allow for the fines, which are similar to the automatic penalties registered keepers already receive for failing to renew their road tax.

Owners will first receive a warning letter before the fine kicks in, and could still see their car seized and crushed if insurance is not taken out, whether or not the fine has been paid. More than 400 uninsured cars are seized by police every day.

An estimated 160 people are killed and 23,000 injured each year by uninsured drivers. The cost of dealing with accidents involving uninsured drivers adds around 30 to every driver's insurance premium.

Owners who have declared their cars SORN (a Statutory Off Road Notice) will not receive warning letters or fines.