New Ford Fiesta ST200 vs Mini Cooper S

Ford has produced its hottest Fiesta yet, the fiery ST200, but will it get burnt by Mini's Cooper S?...

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18 November 2015

New Ford Fiesta ST200 vs Mini Cooper S

What will they cost?

The Ford Fiesta ST200 is almost £2000 cheaper to buy after discounts but the Mini Cooper S claws back a chunk of that difference after three years of ownership, thanks to its slower depreciation and cheaper insurance and servicing costs. The £349 five-year service pack that Mini currently offers also has the option of being extended for a further three years for an extra £275. Surprisingly, though, the Fiesta is more frugal in real-world driving, besting the Mini by slightly more than two mpg.

If you’re buying on finance, Mini offers the cheaper monthly repayments. Put down a £5000 deposit on a three-year PCP deal – with a 12,000 annual limit – and you’ll pay £234 compared with £258 for the Fiesta. It’s the same story if you’re interested in leasing: the Mini will eat up less of your salary.

New Ford Fiesta ST200 vs Mini Cooper S

Company car drivers will also find little here to help them choose between the two. For a 40% taxpayer, the difference is less than £600 and in the Mini’s favour. The Fiesta fights back with a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating compared with the Mini’s four-star rating, although the Mini was tested under a newer, more stringent system.

Both cars come well equipped as standard, with climate control (dual-zone in the Fiesta), a DAB radio, steering wheel-mounted controls, satellite navigation, sports seats, cruise control and automatic lights and wipers. The Mini adds LED headlights and an adjustable boot floor to that tally.