New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

Can the high-tech, hybrid Honda NSX get ahead of Audi’s R8 in the supercar race?...

New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

What are they like inside?

Supercars are all cramped and uncomfortable inside, right? Well, no, even tall drivers can enjoy these two due to the excellent head and leg room they offer. Both also have generous seat height and steering wheel adjustment.

The Honda NSX does have slightly better positioned pedals, though. Our test car had very supportive optional (£1200) electrically adjustable seats, while the Audi R8 has bucket seats with fixed backrests as standard. These grip you superbly in corners, but if you prefer more adjustment, you can swap them for electrically adjustable versions free of charge.

Elsewhere, the R8 provides a better experience. Both have digital instrument binnacles, but the R8’s display is clearer and its 12.3in Virtual Cockpit screen displays more information, including sat-nav maps, radio stations and Bluetooth phone details; it’s controlled via a simple rotary dial between the front seats.

New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

It’s much easier to navigate than the separate 7.0in infotainment touchscreen in the NSX. This has small icons that are tricky to hit, plus it’s relatively slow to respond and has confusing menus. Sat-nav is part of a £1700 option pack on the NSX, while it’s standard in the R8.

Although both cars have fairly ordinary badges for supercars, their elite price tags still warrant quality. So, the NSX is a bit of a letdown. Its standard Milano leather seats look a little shiny and cheap, the dashboard buttons feel ordinaryand the plasticky trim around the dash feels low-rent. In contrast, the R8’s sharper design incorporates plusher materials, such as real carbonfibre and soft Nappa leather.

Both cars have similar-sized boots; the R8’s is in its nose, and the NSX’s is at the back. Although the NSX’s boot is wider, it’s nowhere near as deep as the R8’s, which will easily swallow a carry-on suitcase. The R8 also has a shelf behind the front seats that will take another medium-sized suitcase, plus a bigger glovebox and door bins.