New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

Can the high-tech, hybrid Honda NSX get ahead of Audi’s R8 in the supercar race?...

25 January 2016
New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

Our verdict

It’s a case of (almost) anything the Honda NSX can do the Audi R8 can do better. The NSX isn’t a bad car – it’s anything but – yet Honda’s virtuous, futuristic interpretation of the supercar has less charm and character than the R8, with its old-school, hammer blow of a big, mellifluous engine. Where the NSX is interesting and impressive, the R8 is emotive and loveable.

The R8 is also way faster and sharper to drive, yet it’s more practical, marginally more comfortable and considerably cheaper, too.

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1st – Audi R85.2 FSI V10 Plus quattro

New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

For Stunning acceleration; sharp handling; excellent grip; engine noise

Against Potentially drinks more fuel than the NSX and more polluting

Verdict Superb to drive, sounds fabulous and it’s cheaper to buy

Rated 5 out of 5

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2nd – Honda NSX 3.5 V6 Hybrid

New Honda NSX vs Audi R8

For Rapid in-gear pace; hybrid tech makes it quieter and more e icient

Against Expensive to buy; less exciting to drive; lower rent interior

Verdict No doubt still a supercar, but doesn’t match the thrills of the R8

Rated 3 out of 5

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Also consider:

Specifications: Audi R8 Coupé 5.2 FSI V10 Plus quattro

Engine size 5.2-litre, V10

List price £134,520

Target Price £134,520

Power 602bhp

Torque 413lb ft

0-60mph 2.9sec

Top speed 205mph

Official fuel consumption 23.0mpg

CO2 emissions 287g/km

Specifications: Honda NSX 3.5 V6 Hybrid

Engine size 3.5.-litre, V6 turbo plus three electric motors

List price £143,950

Target Price £143,950

Power 573bhp

Torque 476lb ft

0-62mph 3.3sec

Top speed 191mph

Official fuel consumption 28.2mpg

CO2 emissions 228g/km