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New Range Rover Evoque vs used BMW X5: verdict

If you're shopping for a new premium SUV, the Range Rover Evoque is a great choice. But would you be better off buying a used example of a much larger BMW X5 for the same money?...

Range Rover Evoque 2019 front

New Range Rover Evoque vs used BMW X5 – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

Even though diesel is being banished from the Volvo XC40 range, a 1.5 petrol T3 offers similar performance and economy to the diesel Range Rover Evoque. Okay, you won't have four-wheel drive, but then again, few really need that.

2021-Volvo-XC40-reviewBMW X6 vs Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Sport

If you want a used luxury SUV that drives better than the X5, you'll need a Porsche Cayenne. Lots of electronic trickery helps to make the Cayenne even sharper in bends, and you should be able to find an example with a liberal sprinkling of optional extras for similar money to our used X5.

New Range Rover Evoque vs used BMW X5 – which is best?

Our verdict

This is one of those times when you could go for either car and not be making the wrong decision; it really comes down to what your priorities are.

The X5 is obviously the more practical choice, plus it's faster, slightly cheaper to buy and the more agile of the two. But the Evoque counters by being cheaper to run, better equipped and a lot more comfortable.