Top 10 used family SUVs for less than £20,000

Some of the most spacious and desirable family SUVs around can now be had for less than £20,000. Here are 10 of the best...

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Mark Pearson
02 May 2019

Top 10 used SUVs

Buying a used family SUV needn’t cost you the earth. In fact, you can buy examples often as young as just a few months old for less than £20,000, and these highly practical cars are now cheap enough that they make a huge amount of financial sense as a second-hand purchase.

Most of these SUVs have the raised-up driving position and chunky looks that buyers love, as well as large boots and flexible interiors. That's why many motorists have moved on from traditional family cars such as the Ford Focus, into the likes of the Nissan Qashqai.  However, there are so many to choose from for this sort of cash that finding the right car for you can be bewildering. That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up our 10 favourite family-sized SUVs that you can get for less than £20,000.

Best used family SUVs for less than £20,000

10. Audi Q3

Used Audi Q3 2011-present

If we upped our budget to allow the latest version of the Q3 to be eligible for this top 10, it would feature near the top, but because our budget buys you only the previous-generation car, the Q3 has to make do with the number 10 slot. However, what you get is still an able performer, with handling more akin to a hatchback's. It's smooth and refined and rides well, too, plus there's a reasonable amount of room inside. The best feature of all, though, is the classy and well-equipped interior. 

We found: 2018 Audi Q3 1.4 TFSI 150 Sport, 4000 miles, £19,499

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9. Vauxhall Grandland X

Used Vauxhall Grandland X 2018-present

Beneath its subtly persuasive body, the Grandland X shares a lot of its technology with the Peugeot 3008, which, as you will read later, is one of our favourite family SUVs. Comfort is what the car seeks to achieve, and it succeeds. Equipment levels are good, and there's plenty of room inside. It even handles well, which is probably not what you expect when you look at it. 

We found: 2019 Vauxhall Grandland X 1.2T Elite Nav, 121 miles, £19,995 

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8. Toyota C-HR

Used Toyota C-HR 2016-present

If you're looking for a family SUV, exciting driving dynamics probably won't be at the top of your list of must-haves. As long as it’s comfortable and doesn’t flop over in bends, most people are quite content. Toyota, despite not being a brand known for making interesting driving cars, is throwing in a bonus, then, because the C-HR has not only a finely judged, comfortable ride, but tidy handling, too. It even looks fresh. That shape means rear room is a little compromised, but most will accept that for its futuristic looks. 

We found: 2018 Toyota C-HR 1.2T Icon, 3860 miles, £17,899 

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