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2021 What Car? Reliability Survey: family SUVs

We reveal the most – and least – dependable cars up to five years old, based on the experiences of more than 16,000 owners...

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross front

Most reliable family SUVs

1. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2017-present)

Reliability rating 100%

What went wrong? Nothing

The Eclipse Cross is one of the less well known of the family SUV breed, and on the strength of reliability, perhaps it deserves a bigger following. Delighted owners told us that their cars hadn’t put a foot wrong in the past year.

Owner’s view “The fact that my car came with a five-year warranty as standard says a lot about its excellent build quality”

2. BMW X1 petrol (2015-present)

BMW X1 xDrive25e 2021 front pan

Reliability rating 98.4%

Petrol X1s were afflicted by nearly a third fewer problems than diesel ones, with a fault rate of 11% compared with 15% for diesels. The cost of all repairs was covered by BMW and two-thirds of the issues were rectified in a day or less. The only problematic areas were the bodywork, interior trim and sat-nav.

3. Hyundai Tucson (2015-2021)

Hyundai Tucson

Reliability rating 97.8%

Only 7% of Tucson owners reported a problem, but it took dealers more than a week to remedy the issues on 80% of the faulty cars. All repairs were carried out for free, though. Glitches with engine electrics were the most frequently cited, followed by faults with the battery and fuel system.

Least reliable family SUVs

1. Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019)

2014 Range Rover Evoque review

Reliability rating 77.1%

What went wrong? Battery 15%, bodywork 15%, non-engine electrics 15%, sat-nav 15%, air-con 10%, brakes 5%, engine electrics 5%, exhaust 5%

With many cars outside their manufacturer’s warranty period and a fault rate of 40%, the picture looks bleak for owners of older Evoques. Just over 80% of work was done for free, but some owners shelled out between £301 and £750 per repair. Plus 59% of the faulty cars spent more than a week being fixed.

Owner’s view “My car has suffered a number of problems, including engine oil dilution and paint flaking off some of the exterior trim”

2. Jaguar E-Pace (2017-present)

Jaguar E-Pace front

Reliability rating 80.6%

Faults are rife on the E-Pace, with 45% of cars going wrong. Bodywork, interior trim and sat-nav issues were the most common gripes, but a high proportion (11%) of owners reported engine problems. Repairs were free in 97% of cases, but just over half of the faulty cars were at the garage for more than a week.

3. Range Rover Evoque (2019-present)

2019 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque front tracking RHD

Reliability rating 82.6%

Electrical issues plagued the current Evoque, accounting for 30% of all faults, followed by bodywork issues that affected a further 15%. Land Rover footed the bills for 96% of cars, and its service departments managed to fix a third of cars in a day or less, but another third took more than a week to put right.

Reliability of family SUVs aged up to five years old

Rank Make and model Score
1. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2017-present 100%
2. BMW X1 petrol 2015-present 98.4%
3. Hyundai Tucson 2015-2021 97.8%
=4. BMW X2 2018-present 97.7%
=4. Dacia Duster 2018-present 97.7%
6. Kia Sportage petrol 2016-present 97.0%
7. Renault Kadjar petrol 2015-present 96.9%
8. Volvo XC40 diesel 2017-present 96.6%
9. Skoda Karoq petrol 2017-present 96.5%
10. Mazda CX-30 2020-present 96.3%
11. Toyota C-HR 2016-present 96.1%
12. BMW X1 diesel 2015-present 95.5%
=13. Kia Sportage diesel 2016-present 94.3%
=13. Skoda Karoq diesel 2017-present 94.3%
15. Peugeot 3008 petrol 2017-present 93.9%
16. Audi Q3 petrol 2011-2018  93.8%
17. Volkswagen Tiguan petrol 2016-present 93.7%
18. Seat Ateca 2016-present 92.5%
19. Audi Q3 2018-present 91.9%
20. Volkswagen Tiguan diesel 2016-present 91.3%
21. Nissan Qashqai petrol 2014-2021 90.7%
22. Volvo XC40 petrol 2017-present 89.5%
23. Vauxhall Grandland X 2018-present 87.5%
24. Nissan Qashqai diesel 2014-2021 86.6%
25. Peugeot 3008 diesel 2017-present 85.2%
26. Range Rover Evoque 2019-present 82.6%
27. Jaguar E-Pace 2017-present 80.6%
28. Range Rover Evoque 2011-2019 77.1%