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Mini Convertible 2019 RHD
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How’s the weather looking when you glance out of your window right now? If you’re reading this in the UK, the chances are that it’s overcast, perhaps drizzly and with a cold bite to the breeze. If the sun happens to be beating down, you’ve definitely struck it lucky, and it’s on days like these that the Mini Convertible really comes to life. 

It’s our collective yearning for sunny days that makes Britain one of the biggest markets in the world for convertible cars, and you’ll find small convertibles like the Mini and its Fiat 500C rival being enjoyed all year round – often roof-down in even the chilliest conditions, their warmly-dressed occupants keen to capitalise on whatever sunshine they can catch.

Thanks to being based on the three-door version of the Mini hatchback, the Mini Convertible really isn’t just a car for high days and holidays; it works well in daily use. It represents one of the cheaper routes into al fresco motoring, too, while the sportiest range-topping versions provide a fun-focused alternative to the Audi A3 Cabriolet. What’s more, every model gives you a high-quality interior and infotainment that’s based on BMW’s excellent iDrive system. 

Three trim levels are offered, and depending on which you plump for, you’ve got a choice of three petrol engines that range from nippy to downright rapid. There’s no diesel or hybrid power option, though. 

So, which Mini Convertible should Britain’s sun-seekers make a beeline for? Or should one of its rivals be on your shopping list instead? Read on to find out, and don’t forget to check out our New Car Buying pages for a great deal on whatever wheels you decide on.

Mini Convertible
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