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Used Mini Hatchback 2014-present review

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What's the used Mini Hatchback hatchback like?

The Mini range has expanded at quite a rate since the first BMW Mini appeared in 2001. Take a peek at the used car classifieds and you’ll find convertibles and coupés and Countryman SUVs and Clubman estates and the odd roadster too.

But it’s the simple Hatchback that’s still the bread-and-butter model in its flourishing range, whether in three- or five-door trim, and when this third-generation version appeared it continued the tradition of being longer, wider and taller than the car it replaced. Indeed, it’s fair to say that in its modern form, the Mini isn’t very mini at all, but then you’d have to say nor is anything else these days, and that certainly hasn’t stopped this car from being one of the most popular hatchbacks in its class.

Part of that appeal has been its on-road agility and its fun factor, as well as a huge range of personalisation options via a great many add-on equipment packs. Just like the original Mini of 1959, it’s cheeky and cute to look at, even if the overall impression it gives is of being twice the size of the older car.

This version continues all those themes, adding in the choice of a good number of relatively efficient petrol and diesel engines that offer everything from out-and-out performance to deeply impressive fuel economy. Underneath is a new and more rigid platform shared with some of BMW’s new front-wheel-drive cars, and it helps to preserve the go-kart-like agility of the brand while adding a degree of sophistication to the ride that makes this version the most comfortable and refined Mini yet.

Inside, it’s the biggest Mini Hatchback yet, with more room front and rear than previous versions and some good-looking soft-touch plastics. Peer too closely, though, and there are a few rough edges, with lower-grade materials, but the familiar Mini driving position and dashboard and the clever infotainment system utilising a handy rotary controller will still win it many friends.

It should prove a cheap car to run, too, and its strong performance makes it look like a very compelling used car purchase indeed.

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