New Skoda Kamiq vs Volkswagen T-Cross

These small SUVs from Skoda and Volkswagen show that practicality and class can be yours for a very affordable price...

Skoda Kamiq interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

A big reason why some buyers choose a small SUV over a similar-priced hatchback or estate is because they want a higher driving position. The T-Cross certainly offers that; you feel a good deal farther away from the road than you do in the Kamiq – and it’s no illusion. Mind you, the Kamiq has the more comfortable, supportive seats and is the easier car to see out of. It also comes with rear parking sensors and LED headlights as standard, both of which are extra on the T-Cross.

Volkswagen T-Cross interior

You might imagine that the T-Cross has the edge for interior quality due to its arguably more upmarket badge, but it’s actually the Kamiq that feels classier inside. Both cars come with leather-wrapped steering wheels, but the Kamiq has more soft plastic in areas you touch regularly, such as on the insides of the doors; there’s none in the T-Cross. The Kamiq also has some neat touches as standard, including an umbrella housed in the driver’s door and an ice scraper in the fuel filler cap.

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