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New Smart #1 vs used Tesla Model Y: verdict

You might be tempted by a brand new Smart #1, but a year-old Tesla Model Y for sub-£40k is hard to refuse. So, which of these electric SUVs should you choose?...

New Smart #1 vs used Tesla Model Y

Our verdict

A used Tesla Model Y gives you a lot of what we like about its lower-slung sibling, the Tesla Model 3, such as great practicality, an immense range and full access to Tesla's fantastic Supercharger network. However, its handling and comfort are noticeably below the standards of the Model 3 – and indeed the Smart #1

It helps that, unlike the Model Y, the #1 doesn't feel like a jacked-up saloon car. It feels bespoke and solid, both on the road and regarding its more upmarket interior. Yes, it doesn't have the range or boot space of the Model Y, but we believe the #1 is the better buy overall. 

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1st – Smart #1

Smart #1 rear panning

For Higher quality interior; better ride and handling balance; sliding rear seats; free servicing package 
Against Small boot; range could be better

What Car? says 5 stars out of 5

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2nd – Tesla Model Y 

Tesla Model Y rear

For Access to a dedicated charging network; longer range; quicker acceleration; more boot space
Against Unsettled ride; noisy cruising manners; nervous handling

What Car? says 4 stars out of 5

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Specifications: Tesla Model Y Long Range

Engine Two electric motors
Power 351bhp (est)
0-60mph 5.0sec
Top speed 135mph
Real-world range (est) 285 miles
Official range 331 miles

Specifications: Smart #1 Premium

Power 268bhp
0-60mph 5.8sec
Top speed 112mph
Real-world range (est) 217 miles
Official range 273 miles

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