New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer to arrive this summer

Vauxhall wants a bigger slice of the family-friendly estate market, and this new Insignia Sports Tourer is leading the charge...

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Darren Moss
05 February 2017

New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer to arrive this summer

We’ve already been impressed by the new Vauxhall Insignia and although we've only so far tried a late-stage prototype version of the Insignia Grand Sport, that drive revealed a car with all the makings of a fine executive choice. Things are looking good, then, for the estate version, dubbed the Sports Tourer

We don't rate the current Sports Tourer very highly. It earned a mere two-star rating, primarily because while it has a stylish interior and exterior and is relaxed to drive over long distances, key rivals such as the Ford Mondeo Estate and Skoda Superb Estate fit the bill for growing families better.

Things could be set to change with the advent of the new Insignia range, though.

What is the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer?

New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer to arrive this summer

Although it’s currently a niche option – just 20% of buyers opt for the estate over the hatchback – Vauxhall is hoping to entice growing families with this new version of the Sports Tourer. It’s due to go on sale in the summer, after it makes its debut at next month’s Detroit motor show, and like the Insignia Grand Sport has grown in size compared with the old car.

That extra length has been put into its boot, which can now hold more than a Ford Mondeo Estate - but still less than a Superb Estate - with its seats down, and also added a few inches in between its front and rear axles, meaning more leg room inside for passengers.

Like many other estates and SUVs, the Insignia Sports Tourer’s boot can be opened without using a key – kick your foot underneath the rear bumper and the car will electronically open and close its tailgate. Plus, optional split-folding rear seats can extend the loading area for bulky items.

What engines can I choose from in the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer?

Vauxhall hasn’t revealed the full engine range that will power the Insignia Grand Sport and this Sports Tourer, but we do know that the cheapest option will be a new 1.5-litre petrol with 163bhp, while at the top of the range will be a 247bhp 2.0-litre petrol with four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

This Sports Tourer is also up to 200kg lighter than the old car – which should mean it will have more agile handling.

Drivers can tailor the Insignia Sport Tourer’s throttle response, steering and dampers to different situations with Vauxhall’s FlexRide system, which can change between Standard, Sport and Tour driving modes.

What equipment does the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer come with?

New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer to arrive this summer

As you’d expect, the interior of the Insignia Sports Toruer is identical to that of the hatchback. It is of a smart and modern design, with much focus given to the new touchscreen infotainment system, which has the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring apps, as well as a wi-fi hotspot as part of Vauxhall's OnStar service.

A panoramic sunroof is also on the options list, as are heated seats for the driver, front passenger and outermost rear passengers.

In terms of safety and assistance systems, drivers can specify a head-up display, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and rear cross-traffic alert. The Sports Tourer is also the first Vauxhall to get an 'active bonnet', which lifts up in the event of a collision, offering some protection to pedestrians.

How much will the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer cost?

New Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer to arrive this summer

Vauxhall won’t reveal exact pricing for the Insignia Sports Tourer until closer to its launch date, but as with the hatchback, we don’t expect prices to rise too much over those of today’s car, which costs from from £20,229. At that price, the Sports Tourer is cheaper than both of its main rivals, with the Mondeo Estate costing from £24,495 and the Superb Estate from £21,065.

Personal contract purchase (PCP) deals are likely to be competitive too, and like the current models, both the Insignia Grand Sport and this Sports Tourer are expected to be big business in the fleet and company car markets.

See more of the current Vauxhall Insignia in our video review, below.

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