Nissan Leaf buyers get access to other models

* Owners get 14 days’ access to other models each year * Free rapid charging at dealers and at sites across the UK * Battery guarantee for first five years, or 60,000 miles...

Nissan Leaf buyers get access to other models

New owners of the Nissan Leaf will be able to access other models in the range for up to 14 days each year. The scheme is similar to the cost option BMW Access package with the new i3 electric car, although Nissan’s offer is free for all buyers.

The commitment is part of Nissan’s five ‘pledges’ to buyers of new Leafs, which are: 24-hour test drives before purchase; rapid charging at dealers and Ecotricity sites across the UK; borrowing another Nissan model for up to 14 days per year; free European roadside recovery; and a five-year guarantee on the battery.

The promise of access to other Nissan models covers the first three years of ownership for retail or Motability customers. Dealers are likely to enforce a mileage limit of 2000 miles spread across the 14-day annual allowance. Owners will also need to give at least seven days’ notice of the loan, and will have to cover fuel and insurance costs.

Access to rapid charging at Nissan dealers should last the length of ownership, but free use of the Ecotricity points is currently only agreed until 31 December 2014.

Nissan is also offering a five-year guarantee against the Nissan Leaf lithium-ion battery capacity dropping below nine out of 12 on the car’s readout. However, a Nissan source told us that they’ve not yet had any reports of any Leaf in the UK losing a single bar of capacity.

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