Pick-up trucks tested: verdict

Pick-ups aren’t just workhorses for farmers and tradesmen; they can also serve as family vehicles. Let’s see which of the latest crop gets the job done best...

Ford Ranger 2022 jumping

Our verdict

The D-Max finishes last in this test, mainly because it desperately needs a more potent engine. It may be fine when lightly loaded, but add people, cargo or a trailer and it struggles.

You also have to put up with some significant flaws in the Hilux – in particular, its sloppy handling and uncomfortable ride. However, these issues don’t get in the way of it performing as a working vehicle, so for us it has the edge over the D-Max. But not the other two.

The Musso proves that you don’t have to spend big to get an excellent pick-up. In fact, if you tow a trailer regularly, it might even be your best option. It’s also the most refined choice with the nicest interior. If only it had a bit of extra power and rode in a more settled fashion, it could have won overall.

However, we still think the Ranger is the best choice for most people, because it combines all of the practicality you expect from a pick-up with strong performance, composed handling and impressive comfort.

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1st  Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger 2022 front

For Strongest performance; best to drive; most comfortable ride; longest load bed
Against Gruff engine; indecisive automatic gearbox; Euro NCAP safety rating has expired
Recommended options Load bed roll cover (£1380), Wildtrak Driver Assistance Pack (£1350), plastic bed liner (£300)

What Car? rating 5 stars out of 5

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2nd  Ssangyong Musso

Ssangyong Musso 2022 front

For Cheapest to buy; best for load lugging; quietest; smartest interior
Against Steep depreciation; jiggly ride; least capable off road
Recommended options Load bed roll cover (£1734)

What Car? rating 4 stars out of 5

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3rd  Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux 2022 front

For Unstoppable off road; good engine and gearbox combo; slow depreciation
Against Terrible ride; heavy steering; sloppy handling; least spacious inside
Recommended options Load bed roll cover (£1549), plastic bed liner (£409)

What Car? rating 3 stars out of 5

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4th  Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max 2022 front

For Five-star Euro NCAP safety rating; best fuel economy; capable off road
Against Not powerful enough; noisy engine; fiddly infotainment; no sat-nav
Recommended options Load bed roll cover (£1578), plastic bed liner (£380)

What Car? rating 3 stars out of 5

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Specifications: Isuzu D-Max 1.9 V-Cross auto

Isuzu D-Max 2022 side

Engine 4cyl, 1898cc, diesel
Peak power 162bhp at 3600rpm 
Peak torque 266Ib ft at 2000-2500rpm
Gearbox 6-spd automatic
0-60mph 11.7sec
30-70mph 12.8sec
Top speed 112mph
30-0mph 9.0m
70-0mph 47.4m
Noise at 30mph 59.0db
Noise at 70mph 68.4db
Kerb weight 2030kg
Fuel tank 76 litres
CO2 emissions 241g/km

Specifications: Ford Ranger 2.0 Ecoblue 213 Wildtrak auto

Ford Ranger 2022 side

Engine 4cyl, 1995cc, diesel
Peak power 210bhp at 3500rpm 
Peak torque 369Ib ft at 1750-2000rpm
Gearbox 10-spd automatic
0-60mph 9.5sec
30-70mph 9.3sec
Top speed 112mph
30-0mph 9.0m
70-0mph 49.0m
Noise at 30mph 58.9db
Noise at 70mph 67.2db
Kerb weight 2246kg
Fuel tank 80 litres
CO2 emissions 201g/km

Specifications: Ssangyong Musso 2.2 e-XDi Saracen auto

Ssangyong Musso 2022 side

Engine 4cyl, 2157cc, diesel
Peak power 179bhp at 3800rpm 
Peak torque 310Ib ft at 1600-2600rpm
Gearbox 6-spd automatic
0-60mph 10.9sec
30-70mph 12.4sec
Top speed 115mph
30-0mph 9.1m
70-0mph 49.3m
Noise at 30mph 57.3db
Noise at 70mph 66.9db
Kerb weight 2155kg
Fuel tank 75 litres
CO2 emissions 214g/km

Specifications: Toyota Hilux 2.8 D-4D 204 Invincible X auto

Toyota Hilux 2022 side

Engine 4cyl, 2755cc, diesel
Peak power 201bhp at 3000rpm 
Peak torque 369Ib ft at 1600-2800rpm
Gearbox 6-spd automatic
0-60mph 10.2sec
30-70mph 9.9sec
Top speed 108mph
30-0mph 8.7m
70-0mph 49.9m
Noise at 30mph 57.4db
Noise at 70mph 67.1db
Kerb weight 2125kg
Fuel tank 80 litres
CO2 emissions 246g/km

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