New Isuzu D-Max BEV electric pick-up truck to arrive next year

New Isuzu D-Max BEV electric pick-up truck will offer permanent four-wheel drive, and can carry more than a tonne in its load bay...

Isuzu D-Max BEV concept front

On sale: Late 2025 | Price from: £50,000 (est, excl. VAT)

Whether you're in the market for a small car or a large van, there are now plenty of electric choices which let you contribute to a healthier planet, as well as lowering your running costs. Pick-up trucks, however, have arguably been slow to catch on, because there are precious few electric models to choose from. And that's why the upcoming Isuzu D-Max BEV is big news indeed.

When it goes on sale – likely towards the end of 2025, though Isuzu says it will asses both market demand and the state of the UK's charging network before doing so – the D-Max BEV will be one of only two electric pick-up trucks available to buyers. The other is the Maxus T90EV, which we like for its green credentials, but its lack of four-wheel drive could be an issue if you need to travel off-road. Fortunately, the D-Max BEV will have permanent four-wheel drive as standard.

Isuzu D-Max BEV sketch front three-quarter

Isuzu has yet to confirm how many miles the D-Max BEV will be able to cover on a charge, but its 66.9kWh battery is smaller than that of the T90EV, and that model can officially take you 220 miles. Power in the Isuzu comes from two electric motors – one for each set of wheels – which produce a combined 174bhp, along with 249lb ft of torque. In both cases, that's slightly more than is offered from the 1.9-litre diesel engine which powers the regular D-Max.

Officially, the D-Max BEV will be able to carry more than a tonne, meaning it will qualify for the favourable tax incentives awarded to double-cab pick-up trucks – meaning that running one as a company car could prove to be very cheap.

Previewed in concept form for now, the D-Max BEV gets a more rounded look than the regular, combustion-engined D-Max, with a closed-off front grille and blue accents to highlight its electric power. We're not expecting much change over the regular D-Max in terms of how well the electric model copes with people – that's a good thing, because three adults can sit across the regular car's rear bench in comfort, while front-seat passengers have plenty of room to stretch out.

Isuzu D-Max BEV concept sketch front

Prices for the Isuzu D-Max BEV are a long way from being confirmed, but we'd expect it to cost from around £50,000 (excl. VAT). That price would make it competitive next to the Maxus T90EV.

Further electric pick-up trucks are expected to arrive soon, with the KGM 0100 – based on an extended version of the KGM Torres EVX electric SUV – expected to offer a range of close to 300 miles, and Ford reportedly developing a small electric pick-up to launch in 2026. The Tesla Cybertruck is also due to come to the UK, although its timing here is unknown.

Our current favourite pick-up truck, the Ford Ranger, isn't available with electric power, but a plug-in hybrid version is due to arrive in 2025.

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