Promoted: Mitsubishi Outlander diesel – dexterity by design

The Outlander diesel is a spacious seven-seater with a smart 4WD system engineered to excel both on smooth roads and off the beaten track...

Promoted: Mitsubishi Outlander diesel – dexterity by design

Designing a single vehicle to be equally at home both on- and off-road is a tricky challenge: just look at the different designs of road and mountain bikes. But the Mitsubishi Outlander diesel SUV is engineered to cope equally well with any surface.

The Outlander diesel is a roomy seven-seat machine packed with features and equipment to ensure it is versatile enough to cope with all conditions. A key factor is Mitsubishi’s four-wheel-drive system, which now features a smarter 4WD ECO mode that automatically sends power from the 2.2-litre direct injection diesel engine to the front or all four wheels as needed.

The Outlander diesel also features driver assistance technology including an auto-dimming rear-view mirror and cruise control as standard. Optional features include Active Stability, Traction Control, Auto Stop & Go and Hill Start Assist.

To see how the Outlander diesel is as poised on-road as a racing bike, yet as versatile off-road as a mountain bike, just watch this short video.

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