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Want to know which model from BMW’s range of stylish and sporty SUVs is right for you? We’ve got the answer...

Want to know which model from BMW’s range of stylish and sporty SUVs is right for you? We’ve got the answer

With one of the most comprehensive SUV line-ups on the market, the BMW X range has something for everyone – whether it’s coupé-inspired city-friendly crossovers, large family-sized SUVs with lots of space and off-road capability, or huge seven-seaters packed with premium style and tech.

At What Car? we’ve long admired the ability of BMW X models to blend stylish looks with spacious interiors and dependable practicality, and most of BMW’s X models have received a four-star review – with the BMW X3 getting a hard-won five-star recommendation from our road test team.

But, deciding what’s right for you from such a wide selection of vehicles with such a breadth of capabilities can be tough. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve delved into the BMW X range to put the key models 'Head-To-Head', making it easy for you to find the model that’s the perfect fit for your needs.

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Find out which BMW X range model is right for you

Making things simple

Picking your ideal vehicle from the BMW X range isn't as hard as you might think, as the model line-up presents a couple of clear and easy choices.

First of all, there are Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) - such as the X1, X3 and X5 - that offer a more conventional SUV body style with all the space and versatility that implies. Or, you can choose the more stylish Sports Activity Coupés (SACs) - such as the X2, X4 and X6 - which boast a swooping coupé-style roofline and even more sporty performance and handling.

Then, all you have to do is decide the size of vehicle that you're after: whether it's something compact and city-friendly (the BMW X1 and X2), something that offers more space and capability (the BMW X3 and X4), or a large, stylish SUV (the BMW X5 and X6), with the BMW X5 offering up to seven seats.

The compact, city-friendly BMW X1 & X2

With the BMW X1 and X2, picking a compact crossover doesn't necessarily mean a compromise, as both models offer an all-round blend of style, space, comfort, performance and handling that makes them well suited to both urban and outdoor adventures.

With a traditional SUV profile and city-friendly dimensions that belie its spacious interior, the BMW X1 offers from 505 litres to 1,550 litres of load volume. And, even though the BMW X2 offers an even more stylish take on the urban crossover formula with its sleek sloping profile, it still offers between 470 litres and 1,355 litres of room for all that life throws at you.

On both the BMW X1 and X2 you get a wide choice of efficient and powerful petrol and diesel engines, with a chassis that has been designed to offer handling that can be sporty or refined - depending on your taste.

Things get even more spicy with the BMW X2 M35i M Performance model, which boasts a two-litre TwinPower Turbo engine that boasts 306hp, 450Nm and a 0-62mph time of just 4.9 seconds.

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The family-sized BMW X3 and X4

The BMW X3 and X4 take things up a notch, with spacious family-friendly interiors and ruggedly stylish looks, all allied to a chassis that blends sporty on-road performance and handling with true off-road capability.

The more traditional BMW X3 offers between 550 and 1,600 litres of load space, while the even more stylish BMW X4 still offers between 525 and 1,430 litres - even with its standout coupé-style roofline.

Inside, the luxury interior offers a high level of comfort and tech to keep both the driver and passengers relaxed and entertained on long journeys, while a range of powerful petrol and diesel engines and a chassis lets you choose between sporty handling and off-road capability.

Things step up a notch with the potent M40d M Performance models - available on both the BMW X3 and the BMW X4 - that add an extra degree of driving thrills to the mix.

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The spacious BMW X5 and X6

Need even more space? The BMW X5 and X6 offer huge stylish interiors that dial up the luxury factor and add the latest premium in-car technology. But adding 'more' doesn't necessarily mean that these large SUVs are unwieldy - either in looks, or in driving engagement.

The BMW X5's sleek profile belies its capacious interior – with between 650 and 1,870 litres of luggage space. Alternatively, there's the option to add a third row of seats for seven-seat capability. The BMW X6, on the other hand, adds a dramatic coupé-style swoop to its roofline, but doesn't compromise on space - boasting between 580 litres and 1,525 litres of luggage volume.

Both models take BMW's reputation for forward-thinking interior style up a notch, with premium-quality trims and upholsteries and high-tech infotainment systems that deliver an incredibly cosseting and connected environment for driver and passengers alike.

And, with a range of powerful petrol and diesel engines - including potent M50d M Performance models - allied to a chassis that has been optimised to deliver sporty handling that defies the BMW X5 and X6's size, there's plenty of driver appeal as well. So, whether you're after more style, more space, more luxury or more technology, there's something in the BMW X range for you.

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