Promoted: Your top car tech tips – put to the test

Quick hints to make the most of your car’s technology, sponsored by the new SEAT Leon...

Promoted: Your top car tech tips – put to the test

With so much technology available in many modern cars, it’s easy not to make the most of it. Infotainment systems that can sync with smartphones allow you to do things in your car that you might not even realise.

That’s why SEAT partnered with What Car? to help you make the most of all that technology. We recently asked readers to send in their top car tech tips – ideas and shortcuts that will save you time and effort, or just made your life easier.

We sifted through all the entries, and put the best to the test using the new SEAT Leon. Check out this video:

We offered £100 of Amazon vouchers for our favourite tips. Jamie Vincent from Dorset won a voucher for his suggestion of how to have your messages read to you on the go. And Grete Benson from Hereford won a prize for her suggestion to use the heated seats in your car to keep takeaway food warm while driving home.

Those of you who prefer their takeaway pizza warm you be pleased to note that heated front seats are available on the new SEAT Leon as part of the Winter Pack option (and also work for their actual purpose of keeping you warm).

There’s plenty of other useful technology on the stylish new Leon, including an eight-inch colour touchscreen that features Full Link Technology. That system allows you to connect your smartphone to your car using the full gamut of current options: MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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