Renault Zoe long-term test review

The Zoe is one of our favourite electric cars – with its improved range, is range anxiety now a thing of the past?...

Renault Zoe long-term test review
  • The car Renault Zoe Q90 ZE40 Dynamique Nav
  • Run by Rory White, new cars editor
  • Why it's here With its improved range and keen pricing, is the latest Renault Zoe an electric car for the masses? We’re running one to find out
  • Needs to Prove it can mix with the best fuel-powered cars and be a genuine alternative

List price £18,920 (after government plug-in car grant) Price as tested £19,970 Miles covered 5010 Official range 250 miles Real-world range 160 miles (summer); 130 miles (winter) Options fitted Quick charge function (£750), ID Zircon Blue metallic paint (£625), rear-view camera (£250), Blue Interior Touch Pack (£175)

22 March 2018 – the Beast from the East

Our Zoe has been feeling the full force of the Beast from the East this month, throwing light (and snow) on just how useful its preheating feature is.

It’s nothing unique, of course; most electric cars come with applications for smartphones through which you can set the temperature remotely, giving you a toasty warm car that’s ice-free and ready to tackle the freezing commute. The Zoe actually has a button on its key card to commence preheating, too. Reviews editor Will Nightingale (who has his own Zoe that's much the same as ours) has found it extremely convenient when plugged into his 7kW home charging point.

But it isn’t quite so convenient when you don’t have a powerful wall charger at your disposal. Consumer editor Claire Evans had our Zoe as the ‘mini beast’ struck, but was only able to charge via a three-pin socket at home. With less power available, it meant the Zoe took far longer to preheat – so long, in fact, that Claire had to bring out the old-fashioned ice scraper to finish the job.

Even more reason to sign up for a discounted wall charger as part of your Zoe purchase, then.

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