Saab restarts production at Trollhattan

* Production lines busy again * Factory has been idle for nearly two months * Company has 6500 orders...

Saab restarts production at Trollhattan
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What Car? Staff
27 May 2011 11:20

Saab has restarted production lines at its Trollhattan factory in Sweden after nearly two months of inactivity.

Problems with cashflow and parts supplies meant the factory stopped building cars on April 6, but with money and investment from Chinese manufacturer Pang Da has allowed the company to restart work.

There are orders for 6500 cars from the Swedish plant, including 1300 ordered by Pang Da which paid 30 million up front. There are also orders for 1600 examples of the Saab 9-4X which is built in the US.

Saab boss Victor Muller said: 'It is great to see the plant running again. We have gone through a rough patch in recent weeks, but Saab is back in action.

'We will work hard in the coming period to regain confidence and show our ability to become a successful car maker.'