Name Ian Yeeles
Subject Servicing
The local dealer isn't the only port of call for servicing. I found a place that charges 45 less an hour for labour than my closest dealership.

Name Nick Bradley
Subject Servicing
While your car is still covered by its warranty, get it serviced at a franchised dealer to help protect its resale value.

However, after the car is out of its warranty period, go to an independent garage that specialises in your particular make of car. It's cheaper than a franchised dealer and you get a good standard of work.

Name David Palmer
Subject Car maintenance
When I was 17, I went on a car maintenance course. This knowledge has been very useful ever since, because it means I can carry out minor repairs without having to go to a garage.

Name George Aristidou
Subject Servicing
I think it's best to use your main dealer and your main dealer only. It gives future buyers real peace of mind.

They know where the car has been and who has been working on it. I have a full service contract on my car. I do a lot of miles and I can't afford to take chances - and I always get a courtesy car.

Name Darren McAllister
Subject Servicing
As soon as the warranty has expired on my car, I always use an expert to carry out the repairs on it.

If you can find a decent mechanic, make him your 'friend' straight away. It's important to get someone you can trust to do the job properly and who you know isn't going to rip you off whenever you have some work done.