Slowest car polish nails record

* Fiat 500 covered in pink varnish * Longest online advert * Used 131 bottles of nail polish...

Slowest car polish nails record

After painting a Fiat 500 with pink nail varnish, David Sheath wants international recognition.

If it took a valet four days to polish your car, you'd want a refund, but David is hoping for a Guinness world record for his efforts.

Longest online car advert
He covered a Fiat 500 in pink nail polish in an attempt to create the world's longest online advertisement.

During the four-day polishing marathon, David a former semi-professional footballer lived and slept in a special studio from where his every tiny brush stroke was beamed live onto the internet.

He used 131 bottles of nail varnish to coat the Fiat 500.

Watching nail varnish dry
You can watch the advert (happily condensed into just 30 seconds) at