Fiat 500C review

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Fiat 500C
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Our overall rating:Rated 2 out of 5

The Fiat 500C is one of the cheapest options you can look at if you’re after a small convertible, and it’s also one of the most chic. Those looks seem to be timeless, and are arguably the biggest reason to buy one, but low finance and purchase price are also big incentives.

The cheaper versions of the 500C are also the most recommendable. Sure, the 1.2-litre petrol engine isn’t going to set pulses racing, but it revs nicely and feels nippy enough around town, and is good value in the lower-end Pop or Pop Star trims. Avoid the noisy and more expensive Twinair model, which is restricted to range topping Lounge trim.

Rivals for the Fiat 500C include the more expensive but roomier DS 3 Cabrio and Mini Convertible, the latter of which we’d recommend over the Fiat if you can stretch to it, since it’s much better to drive and the impressive resale value offset the higher list price. It’s also a ‘full’ convertible, where the Fiat and DS have scrolling roofs that leave the fixed arches in place.


Fiat 500C
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