The 10 slowest-depreciating electric cars in 2022

Shopping for an electric car and want it to hold on to as much of its value as possible? Then you'll need to buy one of these...

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Electric cars used to lose more of their value over three years than almost any other type of car, because they were seen as a niche choice and there were concerns about how long their batteries would last.

Those days are long gone, though; batteries are proving much more durable than feared, almost 15% of the cars registered in the UK this year have been fully electric, and the depreciation of many of these models is as glacial as it gets.

There are still big differences between the best and worst performers, however, so here we're using our residual value data to reveal the 10 models that lose the smallest percentage of their original price during the first three years, with all figures based on what you can expect for a trade-in that's covered 36,000 miles.

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