The Lamborghini Gallardo police car

* 190mph, 552bhp supercar * Given to police by Lamborghini * Will be used for day-to-day police work...

The Lamborghini Gallardo police car

Now here's a police car with a difference a Lamborghini Gallardo!

The 190mph, 552bhp supercar has been donated to the Italian State Police by Lamborghini. It replaces a pre face-lift Gallardo that the force was previously using, which had clocked up 87,000 mile sof service since 2004.

Needless to say, the lucky recipients are eager to make full use of their new car: it has been converted to carry all the equipment regularly found in police cars, including speed detection machinery.

In addition, the Gallardo is equipped with first aid equipment including a defibrillator, and it will also be used to transport plasma and human organs for transplant.

Bank robbers and potential speeders are advised that the Gallardo will be in active duty on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway in southern Italy.

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