The past and future

* Based on Fiat 500 * Estimated at 7600...

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What Car? Staff
8 Sep 2008 11:00 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The current Ka, based on the Fiesta before last, has done incredibly well to remain a public favourite for as long as it has.

Twelve years in production is a long time when the industry norm is six or seven.

The new one is a big advance on that cheap 'n' cheerful original, particularly in design, choice and the kind of features that will be available.

It's unlikely there will be a big leap in prices, though.

If Ford follows the pattern it set with other recent introductions, the range will start at around the same price level as the outgoing model to maintain clear daylight between the Ka and the new Fiesta. That means an estimated 7600.

What there will be is a greater choice of models at the top end to attract buyers who want to downsize without too much in the way of sacrifice.

That's not going to be comfortable news for anyone else making fun small cars.