Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

Will it be a family-friendly hatchback, a sporty SUV or a cute city car, or something else besides, that takes the honours as the most popular What Car? review of 2016?...

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Alex Robbins
02 January 2016

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016
Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

It's topped best-sellers’ lists for months on end now, and the Ford Fiesta’s popularity translates to a high ranking in this chart. Even though a successor’s on its way, the current Fiesta is still a great buy; see past its slightly naff and cheap-feeling dashboard, and you get a small car with big-car ride comfort, laugh-a-minute handling and superb engines. That it’s cheap to run and affordable to buy only makes the Fiesta more of a mouth-watering proposition.

Rated 4 out of 5

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3. Audi A3

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

The Audi A3’s always been seriously desirable, but this latest version is the best yet. Its best feature is its beautifully made interior, full of neat little touches that make every journey feel special. But the A3’s also quiet, smooth, satisfying to drive and comfortable – as long as you don’t choose a model with stiffer suspension. Of course, it’s also expensive, but then strong resale values should mean you get a good chunk of your initial outlay back when the time comes to sell it on.

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

Okay, so the Seat Ateca’s interior is a bit low-rent in places, but who's that bothered when it’s so well-rounded in almost every other area? You have to choose a model with smaller wheels to get the best ride comfort, but do so and Seat’s first proper SUV is hard to beat. It’s great fun to drive, spacious enough to be practical, and the models you’d want are remarkably well priced. It also happens to look pretty smart, too. No wonder it’s in at number two in our chart.

Rated 5 out of 5

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