Toyota Auris HSD

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What Car? Staff
01 March 2010

What is it?
Could it be Toyota's is attempt to put all the brouhaha of the recall scandal to one side at Geneva with the help of this: the production-ready Auris HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive)?

Toyota aims to have hybrid powertrains in all its vehicles by 2020 and it sees the Auris HSD as a major stepping stone towards that target.

It uses the same technology that can be found in the latest Prius. That means a 1.8-litre petrol engine working with an electric motor, and an engine stop-start system to help cut emissions and improve fuel economy.

The Auris HSD produces 97bhp and has carbon dioxide emissions of less than 100g/km. It also does the 0-62mph dash in around 10 seconds. Special badging and aerodynamic tweaks differentiate the Auris hybrid from the standard car.

The car will be built at Toyota's factory in Derbyshire, and will go on sale in the UK this summer.