Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius review

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Although it seems only yesterday that it first appeared, the Toyota Prius is now into its fourth generation, and the current model marks a significant step forward for the world's best-selling hybrid car.

It's even more fuel-efficient than its predecessors, for starters, added to which equipment levels are good and the cabin is both more spacious and better finished than before. Yet undoubtedly the biggest difference between this and the previous iterations is how much better it is to drive. No longer do you have to sacrifice the great driving dynamics of conventional rivals such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf just to have those tax-friendly CO2 emissions.

So the Prius is a fine all-round proposition, but is it really as good as a regular hatchback, or other hybrid options such as the Hyundai Ioniq? Find out by reading on over the next few pages.


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