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Toyota Prius
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If you imagine a venn diagram with the wishes of Uber drivers on one side and family car buyers on the other, the areas of overlap will probably be ride comfort, interior space and low running costs. However, while Uber drivers are happy to pick the Toyota Prius as their champion, SUVs are the current family car of choice for many. So, why is that?

Now in its fourth generation, the Prius promises enough interior space for most families, with interior trimmings that are far classier than before and an exterior style that has become less and less divisive with each iteration. It also offers far lower running costs than any SUV, and even offers four-wheel drive to satisfy those who turn to SUVs for extra peace of mind in tricky driving conditions.

Every Prius uses the same combination of petrol engine and electric motor, but you get a choice of several trim levels, each well equipped for its price point. This is also the first Prius to share its underpinnings with other models in the Toyota range; namely, the Toyota Corolla and C-HR. In theory, this could mean that you don’t have to sacrifice the great driving dynamics of conventional rivals, such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, to take advantage of the Prius’ tax-friendly CO2 emissions.

This all looks great on paper, but is the Prius a good alternative to a non-hybrid family car or SUV, or is its closely-matched hybrid rival the Hyundai Ioniq a more compelling proposition? 

Find out by reading on over the next few pages. And, whichever direction you choose to steer, visit our New Car Buying pages to secure a great deal with barely any effort.

At A Glance

Number of trims4see more
Available fuel typesPetrol/PlugIn Elec Hybrid, Petrol/Electric Hybrid
MPG range across all versions217.3 - 217.3
Avaliable doors options5

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