Used Ford Fiesta long-term test review: report 5

The Ford Fiesta may be the most popular used car in the UK, but how does it cope with the rigours of life on the What Car? fleet? We have four months to find out...

Long term Ford Fiesta Still D.R.E

The car 2019 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 125 ST-Line   

Run by Max Adams, used cars reporter

Why it’s here To find out if this fun-to-drive small car can beat our favourite used buy, the Skoda Fabia

Needs to Prove its worth against other used small cars

Mileage 6033 List price new (2019) £19,695 Price new with options £22,445 Value now £12,793 Test economy 43.4mpg

12 March 2020 - All about that bass (that's in the boot)

An essential part of any car, in my opinion, is a good sound system, and my used Ford Fiesta doesn’t disappoint, because it has the optional 10-speaker B&O setup complete with a big subwoofer in the boot.

Long term Fiesta B&O

Fortunately, because it's a factory system and not something installed in a driveway, the sub fits into the spare wheel well in place of a get-you-home spare wheel. Granted, it isn't quite as neat as the Bang & Olufsen system in the Audi A3 I once had, because that car had the subwoofer fitted into the space inside the actual spare wheel.

Long term Ford Fiesta subs to fill

That minor gripe aside, the setup in the Fiesta does a grand job of working against any background sounds (engine, road and wind noise), and provides quite a rich sound for something that’s available on a small car. If you're into your music, I'd say it’s well worth looking out for when you're searching for a used Fiesta.

Long term Ford Fiesta Still D.R.E

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